Spyberus ?

What do you think about this program? Do you think it would make a good addition to the Comodo suite of applications?


I don’t know its efficiency, but seems very interesting…


I downloaded it and will post what I think in my next post.

It’s interesting, but it’s like a POST Intruder Detection system. It’s main thrust seems to be its ability to track things that are installed and to be able to trace, track and remove them.

Wouldn’t it be better to stop the junk getting in, in the first place? Still, it’s worth a look.

Thanks for pointing it out to us.

Ewen :slight_smile:


Ok, its justl like Ewin said, and does nothing else, I will be keeping it on my system for a while, below is a list of some of its features.


  1. Popup ID: This is a feature that shows what application created a windows that you are viewing, if it is a popup it would probly tell you what program created the popup and would be able to uninstall it.

  2. Take Control: This feature shuts down all programs and services in an attempt to take back control of your PC should you lose it to a form of malware.

  3. System Tasks: This is a list that shows all of your processes that your system is running.

Those are the 3 main features in this program, and I think you should try them out so you can get an idea if they are helpful or not.

Ok, I agree - prevention is the most important. But, could be useful if - for whatever reason - your prevention fails and you get infected.


In the real world we all have doors in our houses… But we also have Burglar Alarms! Door is prevention and Burglar Alarms is for detection. You need to employ both strategies, its unavoidable because nothing is 100% safe!


Well said

This is much like PrevX or Nod32’s IMON… I think it should be incorporated into CAVS.

I am extremely impressed with Spyberus, it’s working great

I think I’ll give it a test run as well…

Well? What do you all think of it now (since it has been updated earlier in this year)?

That’s looks like one awesome product