Spyberus: Innovative ideas gone to waste?

I shall quote from their site…http://robotgenius.net/products/spyberus.jsp

Introducing Spyberus: an anti-malware desktop security client that uses a unique behavior-based approach to malware detection...Spyberus can even determine whether a URL points to malware before the point of download and infection, and warn users to steer clear.

Key Benefits

* Protects against new or unknown zero-day threats by warning about or blocking URLs that contain malware.
* Creates a “virtual sandbox” to monitor all programs installed by tracking
  all file activity and all writes to hard drive.
* Automatically detects malicious programs.
* Remediates all types of malware programs with a greater than 99 percent success rate.
* Fully compatible with and enhances existing antivirus software and other
* security programs.
* Virtually no impact on system performance or resources.
* Immediate protection out-of-the-box, no complicated setup.

How It Works

The Spyberus client does not rely on signatures to protect users’ PCs from malware. Instead, it first creates a “virtual sandbox” for tracking newly installed programs, monitoring all programs installed by tracking file activity and all writes to hard drive.
Then, it applies defined behavioral characteristics of malware to intelligently and proactively analyze programs, hunting down and paralyzing any activity or behavior that might compromise the security of a PC.

The core technology resides at the driver level. It creates a program activity history database that stores exact URLs where software was downloaded, enabling the tracing back of malware to its original web site—even stealth installs. Spyberus can sort installs by time, date and name, as well as identify installed programs that do not elect to register themselves. As a result, when a questionable or malicious program needs uninstalling, the Spyberus client can locate and ensure that every file and registry entry is purged completely.

Spyberus also uses Take Control, a powerful remediation tool. Should malware invade a user’s PC and start hijacking processes, the user can activate the Take Control feature to stop the malware-hijacked processes and bring the system back under user control. Using this feature, a single mouse click can purge even the most compromised system of the effects of malware so full remediation can begin.

It seems almost like a combination of CPM, Sandboxie, HiJackFree and Threatfire. What do you guys think? The program however, seemed to have been last updated in 2009 on September 18 [http://robotgenius.net/]. Do you know of any other apps that does the same (excluding Sandboxie)?

Very Interesting…

Downloading :slight_smile:


So how did it fare? :stuck_out_tongue:

For me; It was a bit heavy; also I just miss CIS :stuck_out_tongue:


how heavy is “a bit heavy”? ???

Well; Lets just say

If you had KAS/Avira/ and CIS running at the same time without adding anything to exclusions…

I should start filling out a template for each time i test a product huh?



oh. ouch. :smiley: but how was its detection/protection? Was it good?

Yeah, you should. ;D

Hmm… well if you help me create a template i will :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll also make some videos if you wish.



I am in a provocative mood and I am just going by the information of the topic start:

Creates a “virtual sandbox”
Yikes fraud alert; two difficult words together that may overlap but not necessary
Automatically detects malicious programs.
Don't they all since on access scanning was introduced? ??? How dumb do they think we are? 88) :o :D
Remediates all types of malware programs
Don't they all? :D
with a greater than 99 percent success rate
washes whiter than white? ;D >:-D

Conclusion: possible fraud alert detected by heuristics… ;D 8) >:-D