spyawreblaster.exe installation failures and multi red Defense+ Alerts[Resolved]

Something is interfering with SpywareBlaster’s ability to start and I feel Comodo is at the root of my SpywareBlaster problem.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled SpywareBlaster about 6 times since replacing a Dell hard drive. I have allowed Comodo to give numerous permissions, quitting after repeatedly pressing “allow” has resulted in mental and finger fatigue.

Have used SpywareBlaster and Comodo for years with no problem but I didn’t have Defense+ on prior edition. I can’t get beyond aproximately half the “enable all protection” green line before orange Defense+ alerts turn red and many different spywareblaster.exe items “could not be recognized.” I subsequently permit many, get tired, frustrated, uninstall, reinstall, repeat, etc. and today decided to seek assistance.

Am I just destined to press “allow” for a few more days or weeks?

Thanks in advance to all who take the time to read and respond.

Welcome to the Forum, seattletwodogs.

Do you have the AV in CIS turned off?
I downloaded version 4.2 of this program. Note my system is not yours. I have Vista Ultimate x64, CIS 3.9 is the only active security I am running.
I installed this program and set it as Trusted (it is your trusted security program). I was able to activate full protection with no issues what-so-ever.
Since you stated you are pressing ‘Allow’, would you consider trying to list it as ‘Trusted’ instead?

Thank you for your reply.

My Comodo version is which is firewall only. I chose this version as my antivirus is Avast and is always running. Can I download a later Comodo version without the AV if I wish to maintain my Avast?

I, too, have 4.2 SpywareBlaster. How would I set it as Trusted and activate with enabling all protection? I’d be glad to do so, especially if I could accomplish this without repetitive pressing.

Thanks again.

CIS 3.8 is available here, CIS 3.9 Beta is available here.
CIS 3.9 Final may be available in two weeks (subject to change).
You will have to do a clean install (download the flavour for your OS, uninstall your current CIS/CFP, reboot and then install the new one). Revo Uninstaller is a good utility to help ensure complete removal of software.
There are many new features and improvements over what you are running currently. :slight_smile:
I will suggest disabling your AV prior to rebooting and installing the new CIS. If you prefer to continue using Avast!, remember to either not include the AV during the install, or if you do, disable it prior to re-activating Avast!.
Additional assistance can be found here.
Report back please.

I was able to get my current CFP Defense+ to set 4.2 SpywareBlaster as “Trusted” and installation proceeded normally. However, each time I closed the SpywareBlaster application I could not reopen it. ( Received the same “Windows cannnot access” message.)

The closest I’ve come to being able to use the application is if I download SpywareBlaster installer to desktop, run Revo Uninstaller and then install SpywareBlaster each time I reboot. Obviously this is cumbersome and time consuming.

Any idea why it would work in the way I’ve described and not in the correct way and what I might do to remedy the situation?

I would certainly appreciate any help.

Have you upgraded CFP to CIS?

No. Could you please explain why you think that may make a difference in SpywareBlaster’s functioning.

Thank you.

What OS are you running?

I’m using Win XP Pro SP2 x32 and I have no problems with SpywareBlaster starting. I have it set as a trusted application.

Edit: This is using CIS…


CFP 3 support is stopped. I sujest you update to CIS. This does NOT mean that you will have to use the AV of CIS. Actually you can just choose to use the firewall.
What’s the advantage? Many bugs are fixed and there are a lot improvements made.

Look here for cis :

How to just install the firewall :

When installing you will get 2 choices : install firewall + install antivirus, just uncheck the antivirus !
Here you go, you get the latest version of the CFP

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Comodo 3.0 was the culprit. It was an older version( which has worked just fine with SpywareBlaster on my old laptop that solved the problem. The new Comodo(3.8.65951.477) wouldn’t install and I located my old reliable version on FileHippo.com.

SpywareBlaster opened several times with several reboots before I wrote this note.

Thank you all for your time and help.

Great, then I’ll mark this one as resolved.
Thanks to everyone that helped