Spy Sweeper ok to use with Comodo 3.0 now?

Can anyone tell me if Comodo Pro 3.0 still has compatibility issues with Spy Sweeper. Thanks.

Yes, it has.
The Spy Sweeper scanning speed is very slow(2hrs vs 15mins), if the CFP is running. :frowning:

Thanks for your reply. That is a long time for a scan, but you could just shut down CPF 3.0 until the scans completion. I use SuperAntiSpyware for On Demand and shut down CPF when ever I run a scan. I was wondering more about if there are any conflicts when using Spy Sweeper and Comodo together for Real Time protection. Maybe it’s not needed with Comodo Defense+ enabled, but I like SS and thought it would make a good addition to Comodo Pro 3.0 and Avast Home.

Hi All,

I have Webroot SpySweeper w/AV and I have thankfully NOT experienced this problem. I wonder why I’ve been spared . . .