Spy sweeper and comodo

I have weird problem with comodo IS. I have installed Spy sweeper and it is constantly blocking access ton of .com and .biz sites

I have preformed full scan with comodo and it didn’t detect anything then I have preformed full scan with malwarebytes and it detected one adaware I removed it rebooted my PC but Spy sweeper continue to block a lot of sites every few minutes.

For some reason I tried to update comodo IS manually and I have realized that process that usually takes few secs now takes almost 5 mins to complete

Can someone confirm me if Spy Sweeper and Comodo IS are compatibile and if Comodo uses any of these sites (which is unlikely to me) to update itself

Examples of such websites



Another interesting fact is that after analyzing hijackthis result with help of http://www.hijackthis.de/ it says

It seems that you don’t use an anti-virus scanner or your scanner is not active. Only an anti-virus scanner can protect you against new viruses


We couldn’t detect any active process of a firewall on your system. Possible reasons:
(1.) You are using the windows firewall or a hardware firewall.
(2.) You are using a firewall of an unknown vendor.
(3.) You are using a firewall, but for unknown reasons it is disabled
(4.) You don’t use any firewall at all.
We recommend you to use a firewall. Download and install one or activate windows xp´s own one. In case you got questions or you want us to add the firewall you use to our database, contact us at our forum.

and both of are up and running.

Thanks in advance

Can you see what process Spy Sweeper reports is connecting to these sites?

Try the following scanners to get a better idea if you are infected or not:
Super Antispyware
Hitman Pro
Spybot Search and Destroy