SPY n do nothing????

i have CA yahoo anti spyware

regulary i use dat

da question is

why CIS cannot detect it???

CA can detect n remove it

so wat CIS doin on my system???

why CIS so worried bout safe or untrust files ?? comparing with spy dat really smart 2 get in ??

how bout seting for gaming???
lot people ask me

dont active firewalll

any kinda firewall on earth

cuz dats making LAG

It is online gaming

u can try play nitto legend drag race

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Evening “xdvdx”

My name is Jacob Kilgore,
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I would like to try to solve your Issue as Quick as Possible

First off let me try to clarify your questions

  1. Why Comodo Internet Security detect it? (What’s it?)

  2. So what Comodo Internet Security doing on your system? (What do you mean?)
    You installed it?

  3. What ports does your game run?

- Jacob Kilgore
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i mean why CIS doesnt warn me dat some spy get into my computer while im online?
why CA yahoo antispyware can detect it while da antiviruz comodo i run scan doesnt detect it?

do u think becuz cis think dat spy is safe inside my computer?

i use dynamic port 2 play games ip and dns all dynamic only VPN is static
i dont know wat port i use to play nitto legend

i play with external USB modem HSDPA 7,2mb huawei e510
da max speed service i use is 256kb/s
my test speed download around 256-330kb
upload speed 40 kb

lot ppl say dont active da firewall while playing game 2 reduce lagging
im worried if i dont active da firewall some spy or somethin goin 2 enter my computer

some of my friends say better use modzilaa becuz modzilla have lot addon security which can help da firewall
n they say viruz comes in thru da browser

another important thing is

i have 2 use my insting 2 know is there might be some bad spy on my computer

da indication is i fell my windows works slower than before i connect on line

dat a major problem

wat will CIS do while bad spy makes window n computer slower?

i guess no one likes have a fast prosesor n somehow lookslike intel 486dx prosesor is it

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I wouldn’t listen to anyone that tells you to turn off your firewall.

I have never seen any noticeable lag when playing online games with a firewall on, but even if I did, a little lag is better than getting infected with something…

thnx i ve done dat yea meet all crap thing after scan

but yeaa the important things is on scan demand

ive heard norman is fastest on scan detect

but yea i fell funny have to combines best mix anti software who can handle spy n viruz on my comp

cuz the last thing 2 do is re formating hardisk when all dat scaner failed 2 detect em hahaha