Sprint Smartview(broadband software

After 1 and 1/2 hour working with sprint tech support, we were unable to get sprint smartview to function correctly with Comodo firewall installed. I had to uninstall comodo through the control panel, including the surfer. I could not simple “Exit” comodo and leave it one the computer. received numerous error messages and stalled installation. After removal smartview installed successfully. I have not reinstalled comodo it appears to causes other problems. HELP!!! I like Comodo.

When Comodo was on and you were install Sprint’s Smartview did you put the installer in “Install Mode?” I recently installed Smartview on my laptop with the FW in Install Mode and it worked just fine. Also, if SmartView is already installed im pretty sure Comodo should work now. The install process probably go mucked up from the FW/Defense+ blocking reg settings or stuff.