Spotify virus (Windows recovery)

Spotify has been infected with a rouge that is really nasty. is CIS going to clean it ore what?

ore ???

Anyway, this topic more likely to fit in this section

rather than the current one :)…


If you come across this, you can upload it to CAMAS and post a link to the CAMAS results in this thread.
You can see if it currently is detected by Comodo on VirusTotal.

It doesn’t seem much like it fits in the virus removal assistance forum unless the poster is actually infected with the rogue.
I think that it fits here the most.

im not infected ore any kind haveing this viru. but the question is, are CIS blocking this? thats the question

Why do you ask?
If it is because you are afraid of getting it, don’t worry. Defence + will catch it if there is no signature for the file.