SPOTIFY gets blocked

trying to use an streaming product called SPOTIFY and it seems COMODO is blocking it, even though I have given permissions. Anyone else got a similar problem and more importantly, a solution ? (:SAD)

Sorry. My mistake. I was trying to move your post to the appropriate board :-[ I messed up :-\

Delete SPOTIFY rules from Firewall and Defense+ Put both D+ and the Firewall to Training mode and try SPOTIFY again.

Yep, that should do the trick.

I run Spotify myself without any issues.

I was surprised to see CIS 4 putting Spotify in the sandbox when I ran it for the first time. ???

They still haven’t added Spotify Ltd (and some other vendors) to My Trusted Software Vendors. :-\

Surprising that the latest version (, signed 17 February) is not yet whitelisted. :-\

OK, thanks for confirming. :-TU