Sploits at work (aka CM G in da house)

Yet another reason to use Comodo Memory Guardian :slight_smile: Various 0-day exploits detection screenshots:

  1. DNS-Server remote RPC exploit (Windows server 2k3)
    MS link: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/advisory/935964.mspx

  2. XML Core Services exploit (Windows XP SP2)

  3. WebViewFolderIcon exploit (Windows XP SP2)

P.S. Ofcourse it’s not a yesturday-released-exploits :slight_smile: They’re too expensive to use them as tests, but you can be sure CMG will protect you against them too :slight_smile: (and for free) I’ll post their screenshots as soon as their sploits will be available.

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Tnx for some superlative sploiting fun!