Splits from COMODO Internet Security 5.8.199581.2037 BETA Bug Reports

install launch and install 64bit version
but by defaut he wants to install in “program files (x86)” :slight_smile:

It has this same default install path when installing the 32 bit version as well.

The installation path is fine if one downloads the ‘full’ installer. It’s only the web install that’s borked.

Where can I download the full installer?

Unfortunately, you have to run the web installer (twice, if you want both x86 and x64) to be able to download the full installer, which is in my opinion is pretty poor. I sincerely hope they don’t have plans to make CIS web install only.

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That doesn’t work. It won’t let you download the full installer without first uninstalling your current version of CIS. I want to install it on a computer of mine that’s offline and I don’t want the hassle of messing with my main machine just to download the installer! :cry:

I agree. can’t you run the install in a VM to get the full installer?

Nope. I have no VM. I don’t need to beta test CIS. I just like doing it. I beta test Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. It gives me something to do other than watching TV!

The HIPS doesn’t block the following screenlogger methods of the Spyshelter leaktest on Windows 7 x64:
4a, 4b, 5a and 5b.

Download the leaktest:

Proactive profile, sandbox off, D+ set to safe mode.

I confirm these finds. Also test 6 fails on XP (Virtualbox)

As Egemen mentions here:

WARNING: CIS does not work properly in VirtualBox because of the limitations imposed by this virtual machine(Vectored Exceptions fail). So please test it with another VM software.

Why has my post been moved to here?

I won’t change my VM environment as it is my production environment.

Take my bug report and do with it what you will. If you feel that it’s a VirtualBox issue, ignore it.

32bit XP VM was horribly broken by the Comodo Beta haha but my 64bit 7 VM was not (however it may not have been performing properly.)

Just input on that.

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Updater uses Internet Explorer settings.

I use the Internet Explorer very seldom. My first internet browser is the Mozilla Firefox.

And after update i get follow messages:

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read through this topic

allo my pc is runing windows 7enterprise 64 bits im using cis 5.8 beta when i scan the cpu gets very high sometimes , and in scan window options like pause, cancel, or resume dont apear in the window, if i want to use them, inf i want to cancel scan i have to close the window in the x buton, also when i go to more-update program the folowing mesage apears."The system cannot find the file specified." has for the rest i dont have any complains! thank you mailmen!

Allo everyone im mailmen im a member of this forum i dont know if this is the right place to put this question , but i don´t know were else to put it!. SO here it is i have cis 5.8 beta on my pc and recently he puted a file in sandbox as limited!, i have made a scan with malwarebites and it found the same file in memory has a virus trojan, my question is: when a file is sandboxed can it be in memory also? or not?. OR IT IS IN MEMORY BUT IT IS LIMITED SO THAT IT CANT DO NOTHING TO HARM THE PC!? don`t know
how this worKS, please if you know tell me i would be very apreceated! THANK YOU FOR ME CIS IS NUMBER ONE!

This is an answer to your question…