Splits from Comodo - CIS 6.x Localizations (incl. CCE/KS/Autoruns)

so the guy complaining is just ignoring his work. yes, he has to check this tread everytime. and yes, he has to be punished about complaining about “FREE” help in translation. or, atleast, apologize for his mistakes in complaining about jaspions posts and myself included.

Hey, you owe us an apology for the inconvenience to complain of a free labor.

OK Jaspion and your friend (forgot his name) let yourself pour all of your stuff where you want to pour it and let us know when you finished.

then we will proceed with our usual translation work.

Im not his friend. In fact, I even dont know him. The problem remains. You need to apologize for your complains.

Been sarcastic just shows how child you are. Think about it.

Pls get lost from this forum. This is my request

Mr Coordinator, perhaps you don’t know what “to coordinate” means. Instead of complaining about “irrelevant” posts (which were in fact posts about translation), you should have actually coordinated our efforts (instruct us to open a thread about the Brazilian localisation). But you have not done so, your choice was to call my posts “irrelevant” and “spam”.

In fact, if you were so concerned about not flooding the thread with unnecessary messages, you could have emailed me and yro with your complaints. Nope, you think my posts about translation are irrelevant, but your posts harassing and smearing contributors are very relevant?

Now you just want to kick out a member because he doesn’t agree with you.

I am truly disappointed at all of this. I had another image of Comodo, and you virtually have single-handedly done enough harm to that image so that I don’t wish to help anymore. I am expecting Moderators or Administrators to pronounce something, because if not then I’ll regret having helped a company that allows an employee to abuse their collaborators. I really hope this won’t be the case.