Splits from Comodo - CIS 6.x Localizations (incl. CCE/KS/Autoruns)

I’ve found another text entry in CIS for which there is no correspondent in the .lang file: “Move to” command under File Rating.

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I am sure It was reported before. At least I know that it’s been posted as bug.

Have you searched the thread before posting the comment?

I had not. But yes, now that you mentioned it I believe it might have been posted before. Anyway, the search function does not seem to work correctly (screenshot attached). But by going to Advanced Search it works, yet, I have found no post about it in Beta Corner CIS, so I guess it’s a fair bump.

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PLs switch to PM or Email I dont undrestand you

Hi Alex. I’m keeping this in the Thread instead of PM or email because maybe other people didn’t understand either, so I want to clarify for everybody.

I meant the Forum search function doesn’t work correctly. If I search from the Thread, the search results in nothing found. If I use Advanced Search, it finds results.

Also, I meant that since I didn’t find anything in the Thread about the issue I posted, it seems like a good measure to mention it here, even if it’s already mentioned somewhere else in the Forum.

HERE, the post about “Move to” issue…

P.S: to avoid these problems, it would be useful to have a ‘board’ dedicated to CIS localizations, and not a simple topic… with a board we could have:

  • a topic where Alex will send us the new file;
  • a topic where we will post the issues of interface
  • etc…

Thanks, I didn’t search for the string id, only for “move to”, my mistake.

It is you again. How can I get rid of you r comments?

First you send me an email telling me I’m posting too much irrelevant content. Let’s s see, I posted things about questions, issues, new content. Maybe the most “irrelevant” posts were simple thanks notes, which I consider not to be irrelevant at all.

And now you post this, but I’m the one being irrelevant?

Sorry, not understood. if you want to clarify anything - pls email.

what is needed to be clarified?

its not my concern but hey, whatahell dude? this topic is for translations and help about translations… the guy is posting about this subject and you are complaining about that?

Jaspion - You are quoting pieces I have never seen in my life. please double check if you are talking the right people.

jaspion an yro - stop this exchange in this thread.

You are acting the same as spam!!

any question should be emailed to me.

Good that you mentioned this. Really appreciate.
Will you help to translate?

Really? I’m no selling Viagra, Alex, I’m discussing translation issues which is the purpose of this thread. And i din’t suppose you speak Portuguese, but instead of an open discussion where everybody can participate, you want us to email you questions about the use of our language? Also, I AM concerned with not extending discussions unnecessarily and I have expressed that, but you apparently didn’t read it:

I have asked you in an email about the above quote, but you didn’t bother to answer, instead you prefer to come here and smear me and yro. I also asked you about KillSwitch deadlines hours ago but you didn’t bother answering either.

CCE is translated by the way, only KillSwitch is missing.

I expected a little more respect for my contribution. If I hadn’t joined the translation, the Brazilian version wouldn’t exist today. I joined only recently, so I didn’t have all the time since the beta to do this, and I have made a huge effort to be able to do so much so quickly.

You are impossible. Pls continue via email AND NOT DISTURB OTHER FORUM USERS

I spent 2 files( cis, cistray) for Jaspion criterion is whether or not it changes. Maybe in the coming hours he should send his files.

sorry my english!

jey. if you want jaspion to stop transllating cis6 in ptbr or if you want me stopping the helping with ideas, no need to spam with yours advertisings, just say so and Ill stop looking at the ptbr files and will not help anymore.

the translations are made by the community so the community needs to talk about it so “You” can have the cis 6 in other languages instead of only english… and you complain about the talking… wtf is wrong with you dude?

thats it. how can i make an report against this guy?

I will try to make it easy for you :slight_smile:

Yes we are very grateful that you are helping by doing this translation :slight_smile:

Most other Product Translators have a Topic on there International Comodo Forum boards for other members to discuss their translations.

Every time you post he has to come to the Forum to check for new translations.

Please please try to email him your questions so he can answer them without having to visit the Forum.

Thank you for all your help.

Best Wishes


I was never told there was a thread specific about the Brazilian translation (if there is one I haven’t found it). If there is none, how am I expected to discuss my language’s translation issues? Also, the Coordinator should have directed me to such thread or instructed me to start one, instead of ranting here and calling my posts irrelevant.

He has to check here every time there’s a new message? I do that and I’m not a Coordinator. It comes with the job. And I can’t email his about questions of my language which I don’t think he speaks.

Finally, when I chose to reply here instead of by email it was because I thought the open discussion would benefit everybody, and that was my objective.