Split from 5.0.159634.1091 RC Bug Reports: Problems with Skype

look for it in the, d+ tab → Computer Security Policy → Computer Security Policy tab, find it there and edit the policy.

I have no skype.exe there.
OK, I’ve added it manually, with “trusted application” policy, but the problem still persists.

I keep trying to tell you, that EVERY time i start skype.exe, a BRAND NEW process is starting.So, if process xxx is trusted, the next one(i.e. 547) is new and NOT trusted.There’s no normal way to resolve this.I don’t see any.

It’s probably a false detection of “installer” CIS keeps treating it as “installer” for some reason.

An earlier post shows skype running with sandbox level of untrusted. Has some part of CIS detected this as malware?

Doesn’t happen to me on a 32 bit version of Win7 Enterprise.

No.I just changed SB to treat the unrecognized files as untrusted.
[at]Ronny, did you try with the same version.Repeat(4-th time ;D) 4.2 business version>>> http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/business/download/

Same issue with detections on network shares.
Only thing that works “around” for now is to put it on the “trusted files”. That will stop the alerts showing up.

Is Skype.exe installed with Windows Installer different?

My Skype.exe ( is: SHA-1: BE7601082BAB69D4C393A8BC5A60F1ED74BE52FC

I always start it with SkypePortable.exe and have no problems at all on XP SP3.

Why I’m giving this link a 100 times-> http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/business/download/ ?
It’s installed with the installer from the link.


I used that installer and on 32bit I have no issues with CIS in default config, no elevated alert.
I’ll try 64bit later…

I extracted Skype.exe (file version, SHA-1: AC729F45135B2CB715FC8A4DCE80EA6651E5EC71) from SkypeSetup.msi. No alert, not sandboxed. Recognised as a safe file, when I try to add it to Trusted Files. :wink:

Yes, I know that, here is the same, but, when i try to start, CIS asks me again.
Confused.Will try to reinstall the last version of CIS.

After clean install of the RC, the problem with skype is gone.Don’t know what was happening before. ???

This alert says that Skype Technologies SA was not in your TVL. :wink:

Not good, because I don’t see any reason not to be there.

It says it is in the Trusted Vendors List. It is not on the White List.

Read what I wrote in the above.

I split this for two reasons. First of all the problem does not seem to be reproducable the bug topic got a big too chatty for its own good:

However when discussion will find this to be a bug please recapitulate that in a bug report in the bug report topic

Hi Eric

Same thought different solution - just pm’d him before I saw this!


Where do you read that? 88)

It says they, i.e. Skype Technologies SA, are not white-listed!

With Skype Technologies SA in TVL, there is no such alert.

Maybe your TVL was corrupt? I think that has happened before. :wink: