Split: Desktop never loads

I have the same situation over here.
I just threw in new HDD, fresh install of windows 10, anniversary update. Basic drivers, Mozilla Firefox, Bitdefender. All was nice and cozy. Why not try the Comodo Free Firewall?
Wellp, I can no longer get past the login screen…I get it past the Welcome screen, but the desktop never loads. Just black backround. I can’t even open the task manager, even though the ctrl+alt+del screen still works.
Luckily, the comodo is working and the only thing that can mysteriously load is the desktop widget and comodo window. Ctrl+Shift+Esc and Win+R,does nothing. So Im just sitting here in the dark.

Im considering jumping out of window and ending my misery right now. :cry:

You could launch ‘Watch Activity’ instead of ‘Task Manager’.
(main interface window ~ advanced tasks ~ watch activity)

Please check with Comodo Internet Security V10.0.0.6071 Beta thanks.