Splinter Cell Conviction

Hello everyone.

I’m using Comodo for over a year since now and never had any problems until now.

I can’t get Splinter Cell Conviction to run with CIS installed. I already tried my luck with the offical Ubisoft forums and their so called “Tech Support Hotline”. The only thing they told me is to uninstall CIS because Conviction has problems connecting when it’s installed.

I already tried to manually allow everything for Conviction in Defense+ and the Firewall but nothing changed. Even in gaming mode the game can’t connect. It works if I completely uninstall CIS, but this can’t be a solution.

Hope anyone can help me out with this problem.

Can you try to add the affected executable’s to the exception list for Image execution?

Defense+, Settings, Execution Control Settings, “Exclusions”.

Hi Ronny.

I’ve tried what you said but it didn’t work. I’ve added all DLL files from the Ubisoft Game Launcher directory to the exception list and to the firewall as well. No luck.

After that, I’ve tried uninstalling CIS completely. Didn’t work at all. So I uninstalled the Ubisoft Game Launcher and reinstalled it. Finally it could connect and the game started. With that in mind, it can only be some part of CIS blocking the Launcher from connecting.

I reinstalled CIS and tried to start the game again. Now I’ve got the same problem as before. Ubisoft Game Launcher can’t connect to the Internet and the game won’t start. Ubisoft states that, if you can surf to webpages with IE or whatever browser you want, the Launcher will be able to connect.

Well… Surfing is no problem for me, just the Game Launcher can’t find my connection anymore. The other thing I found out was, that after reinstalling CIS, the Launcher can’t even update his log files.

try to use an fixed exe for splinter cell
i know many games have a problematics security measures since starforce born.
i think u have an issue with starforce drivers and cis
i am sure the problem will be fixed if you do that and make sure to not have the game sandboxed or the game will not save
specially ubisoft is making many strange changes un their games security system
if you dont wanna to use an fixed exe then go to starforce web page and download lastest drivers

This has nothing to do with Starforce. You don’t need the DVD to play Splinter Cell. Just an active internet connection. Ubisoft got an online copy protection, which means you can’t play at all without an active internet connection.

This is not just a problem with Splinter Cell Conviction. I think Settlers 7 and Assassins Creed won’t work as well. All of Ubisofts newer games have this kind of copy protection.

starforce is not only a cd protection

Doesn’t look like Starforce. All the DLL and EXE files have an Ubisoft Signature. Must be some kind of self-made protection.