Spiceworks Alternative

Hi All,

I think to make the IT market more fun and easier there needs to be more competition. As I can see Comodo is doing one of the best jobs to take over the Security of IT and Individuals Security. Great Job Comodo!

If you know anything about Spiceworks its a community of individuals and professionals that can get to together to trade ideas on IT and individuals thoughts on what products are good. You can gather prices/quotes/reviews/purchasing/inventory/open community, etc… If Comodo was to arrive with a solution which is open source which is similar to Spiceworks I believe it would bring more competition to IT/Individuals it would be nice to start evolving Comodo and the competition after being halted for a number of years and things are getting stale. What better way to have the #1 Security Solution kickstart the competition

Please look into Spiceworks and see what Comodo can do to have the best possible solution

Thank you, I am looking forward to what you have to say and others who are reading this because I think there are a lot of people saying IT is running stale and they need more competition

What exactly do you want to see in this solution?

What do you want this solution to do for you?

are you looking for a platform to manage IT?
Just a forum of community?

thank you

Hi Melih,

  1. What I would like to see is a platform which could help manage IT purchasing something that can be used to research all sorts of products,reviews of products,compare prices/gathering quotes which can be sent directly to a vendor regarding purchases like a Purchase Order. This should be a solution what IT can use to help purchasing products to easier (free) but still robust. A community forum where all sorts of IT professionals can come together to trade ideas regarding IT and reviews, etc. With spiceworks it lacks the number of post you can do. You would have to reach a level before you next create more then 2 post. With comodo you should have unlimited posts. This community would not just be limited to Comodo.

  2. Inventory of all IT assets platform similar to asset tagging but more granular. The system should gather all information from the machine like the Activation Key, Brand and Model Number generate automatically (free)

I hope this helps you