Spellchecker in Comodo Dragon

I love Dragon but the spellchecker data base is the worse !
I am not sure if Dragon is using a data base inside my machine or outside.
Can anyone please tell me how to update/improve/download a new data base for the spellchecker ???
Thanks !

Hi wizard_deluxe,
Languages are downloaded and used locally.
Which languages appear out of date?

Thank you for helping !
By locally do you mean on my machine ? That’s fine. That means I can correct the problem. The question is when I find a good quality data base, how do I import it ? Where in Win XP is it located ? Do you know of a good data base I can download ?
English or American English if you want. Currently there are sooo many words that are not in the database at all or are in the data base misspelled !
Thank you again for your help !!!

The spell checker is built into Chromium.

There are spell checking extensions though, like this one. I don’t know if any of them are better or worse than the one built into the browser.

The dictionary file is stored in the Program Files\Comodo\Dragon\Dictionaries folder.
I do not know where to get updated/other dictionary .bdic files from, sorry.
Note: UK English and US English has numerous different spellings of the same word.
You can create a custom dictionary by right clicking on a misspelled word and selecting the option to Add to Dictionary, these added words are stored in a Custom Dictionary text file in the Users\Username\AppData\Local\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default folder.
Words added to the custom dictionaries do not appear to be added to or effect the original dictionary .bdic file.

As HeffeD mentions, some extensions may have better capabilities.

Do you have some examples of the missing or misspelled words?