speed test on dragon

i recently performed a speed test at speedtest.net. the first test was on dragon in v.d. results 3.65
2nd test was on dragon without the v.d. results 4.85
the third test was on I.E. results was 6.25
my question is this why did I.E. win when dragon is faster?
can someone explain this to me? thanks

How many extensions was CD carrying during the test(s)?

none on the first test with dragon on v.d.

Hi drensmith,
Test results can vary for numerous reasons, first up make sure the same test server is being selected with each (This can at least affect the ping results).

Remember there are currently some issues with Dragon/Flash causing the visual aspect to be delayed unless you are using ‘Pepperflash’.
The Flash issue doesn’t appear to affect the final result, as I am getting fairly consistent and similar results across all browsers if the same server is selected each time.

Kind regards.

the test are from the same server. i just tested it again.
ping 27ms
download speed 6.26 mbps
upload speed .73 mbps
this i can live with. this is dragon in v.d. no extensions are on. header suppressed,all cookies and 3rd party cookies suppressed on virtual mode.
dont know what caused the results on previous test but now they are nearly 100% better

The results could vary for any number of reasons and not necessarily a local reason.
Glad to hear the results improved. :-TU

who knows why…i will keep my eye on it now

Test sites like Speedtest often rely on Flash plugin which will behave differently on different browsers. Also the connection to the servers is a variable which will influence results.

When you want to test download speed more reliably try downloading a 100Mb or 1Gb test file from a test server. Preferably from your ISP or a test server geographically near. Some of these servers will state how many connections it can handle and how many are currently active.

For ping testing of my connection I use the command prompt. I ping yahoo.com and a well known stable Dutch tech site, I am from the Netherlands, which responds to ping.

thanks for your response.