speed of Trust Connect

I’m wondering how much Trust Connect slows down the internet browsing-upload-download speed.

I’ve been using jiwire vpn, but they are closing down the service. So, I need to find something else. For users of Trust Connect, how much of a hit do you take on speed when using wifi or a broadband connection. The jiwire slowed things significantly - usually about dialup speed, and hanging at times.


Any software based VPN is going to introduce some overhead and chucking a proxy in the middle will add further lag, but TrustConnect is one of the lightest, fastest VPNs I"ve found. Tests using speedtest.net showed a drop of between 5%-11% over a one hour period with zero dropouts.

Hope this helps.
Ewen :slight_smile:

Panic, you seem to be rather knowledgeable about the comodo products, thanks for taking the time to learn it and answer so many questions.

here’s another one, i’m interested in trying trustconnect, but not so sure i want to plunk down a credit card to try it. any idea if there are ‘invite codes’ for a 7 day trial that ends at 7 days, or am i stuck trying the one day or one month programs?



I’m afraid you have to give your credit card to get a 7 day trial… :-\ As I don’t have a credit card yet, I’m stuck. :cry:

Replying to an old thread but I ran some speed tests both with TC and without. Wireless connection via Airport Extreme, Cable modem and laptop running XP.

With TC-2850 kbps
Without TC-9680 kbps

I did not notice too much of a difference besides a little lag while loading pages. And it’s a safe tunnel so I figure a small swap of speed for security is a good thing…

I tested the speed of trust connect and I had some major differences with and without trustconnect. Without TC i had 12.31 mb/sek down and 10.89 mb/sek up.

With TC i could only manage 3.22 mb/sek down and 0.31 mb/ sek up.