Speed limit for upload/download?

I have a 10Mbit internet connection for upload/download, but when upload/download to or from online storage - I see maximum speed about 1Mbit, it’s ok or I’m doing something wrong?
This is a speed limit for online storage or problems with my internet connection and maybe my pc?

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10Mbit’s automatically translates to a max speed of 1.25MB/second in upload or download.

The math is divide Megabits by 8 to find out how many Megabytes a line can take.

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Yes, I can up/down to another resourses at 1 megabyte per second(~10Mbit).
With Comodo Online Storage my speed is ~100 kilobytes per second(~1Mbit) up/down, it is your’s shaping or my problem?

Just to make sure im not a Comodo employee. But I can say that 100 kilobytes is likely not a limit. It sounds to me that its more likely a bad connection to the Comodo servers.

Bad connection, I think, it is a loosing packets and disconnects, in my case there is low speed connection.
To Ccloud.com ( ping about 45ms, but speed no more 85kb/sec.

Well I sent a PM to Bordersquirrel, he manages the Comodo servers.

Hopefully he will reply soon :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Slow :frowning:
Only for small files.

Upd: Slow with Far Manager or Win Explorer, but with web interface and Comodo Backup I have full speed of my chanel - 10mbit up/10mbit down.

I talked with the developer, they are working on improving the speed via Explorer and other methods. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem with upload speed to online storage.
I have internet connection 25 Mbit/s download and upload.
Ping to ccloud.com shows me 55 ms, traceroute shows only 10 hops.
Anyway when I upload via Comodo Backup I get 500 Kbit/s (about 60 kilobyte/s) - it’s absolutely impossible to use Comodo Backup to save archives into online storage.
When I upload via Web interface I get 1,9 Mbit/s (about 250 kilobyte/s) - it’s much better but still not very good.
How can it be improved? I use Comodo Backup (the last one).

I checked into this, and yes they are trying to improve it, but for now the web interface is the fastest.

the speed really is the biggest downfall for comodo cloud. it really needs to be improved. comodo cloud on my computer keeps crashing because it cannot log in to my account. i try using the mounted drive in my computer then explorer.exe crashes because its taking so long to get a response from ccloud. its a great service it just needs network improvements

I too have the same issue. Explorer stops responding.
By the way, I like the dropbox’s concept in this regard. It simply copies the contents to a local folder first and then does the sync, which is quite a good solution in my opinion. We can copy any size of archive in to the local folder and forget about it without worry. It will take it’s time and sync.

What I see with Comodo cloud is it does not do it this way and until the upload completes, it shows the file copy dialogue which is surely not convenient.