Speed issue

Is there a setting on here for me to receive my full internet speed? I have a 50 mb plan, but only get about 28 to 30. I have a 1gb nic card and 3gb of ram in my computer. I have tried disabling the firewall, but that had no affect.

Are you behind a router? If so what is the name and number? What site are you using for your speedtest? Usually it is best to use a speedtest server from your own ISP because then there is control over the path between you and the server.

it’s about the same with or without the router.

That means you are testing with a wire (that’s good). Can you tell what router you are using? How are you determining the download speed?

The problem can be caused by faulty (configured) hardware or software but it is also worth mentioning that barely anyone will be able to achieve their maximum speed and quality can vary a lot. Some will be at 90% of the maximum speed, others at 50%. If you live in a rural area, you will in general have worse connection speed than those living in the city. There is not a lot to do about it except for trying another ISP.

I assume you are on a fiber optic connection and that you have an advertised 50/50 Mb/s connection. Is that correct? What version of Windows are you on?

It could be a problem with MTU settings on your computer. Can you download and run SIW system analysis tool and check the MTU of your LAN connection? It can be found under Network → Network Information.

  • Do you use Comodo Firewall or an other one, cause I can’t draw that conclusion out of this post.
  • Did you test prior to installing the Firewall software and immediately afterwards?

If you run Comodo Firewall please try the following;
Test with a tool and run like 5 times to have an ‘average’ result.
Now detach the firewall driver from your network card by opening ‘Network and Sharing Center’ → Adapter settings, untick the ‘Comodo Firewall driver helper’ service from it.
Apply all and repeat the same 5 tests again, do you see any difference?

Don’t forget to switch the service back on to your NIC else it won’t filter a single bit anymore.

Check out SpeedGuide.net :: TCP Optimizer / Downloads for useful advice and the free TCP Optimizer program.

Preferably use a speedtest server of one’s own provider. They are most reliable as they are on the ISP’s own network.