Speed drop (is Comodo any better that ZA now?)

I have a P4 2.53 Ghz machine with Win XP Pro XP2.

With ZA 6.5 installed my max network speed is 4050/920 kbps.

If I uninstall or try from a PC w/o ZA I get 4971/962 kbps
(I even get that speed when testing using a WLAN connection).

That is a drop of about 20% in the speed.

Is ZA 6.5 causing this? Is there anything to about this drop?

Will the current version of Comodo do better?

It’s a while since I tried Comodo (got tired of all the messages, is that better?)


Comodo Firewall uses much less memory then ZoneAlarm and you should not notice much of an internet speed decrease, if any.

Many ZoneAlarm users like yourself have happily replaced ZoneAlarm with Comodo. However with the current stable release, you will receive some popups, however when version 3 is released, it will have a much bigger safelist and have more options to customize your settings during installation, so after install you will not be prompted with as many popups.

If you are comfortable with testing a beta product, I would go over to the beta corner and download Comodo Firewall 3 which in my case has proven to be very stable.

If you do not wish to use the beta you can download the current stable version 2.4 however you will receive a bit of popups after install, but once you have finished configuring version 2.4 it is a wonderful firewall :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,