Specify the ModSecurity version, which version installed ?

i have comodo waf
centos 6.5
CWAF plugin : 2.20.1
CWAF rule : 1.19
custombuild : 2.0
apache : 2.4.17

how to check mod_security installed my server?
i want to know mod_security version 2.9 or Less than 2.9
i see the link : https://modsecurity.org/support-request-checklist.html
(please read number 3 )
can you help me? thank you.

for centos:

$ rpm -qa | grep mod_security

Also this info could be found in /var/log/httpd/error_log after apache restart.

in SSH i typed : rpm -qa | grep mod_security
but Do not any massage, just display root commond (for new commond in SSH)
next, restart httpd
and next go to error_log
for you attached image (error_log)
please see mod security, i see but not see mod security version, display another module

i will to see mod_security of version installed on my server
i do not know which mod_security of version installed on my server

ModSecurity for Apache/2.9.0
2.9.0 is ModSecurity version.

Thank you veryyyyy much
Good Luck