Specific rules for SKYPE?

I have tried another firewall, (now uninstalled) which made reception of PC to PC SKYPE calls very poor.
The rules configuration needed was very complicated.
My question is this - Are there a set of rules which may easily be applied to COMODO,?
This was part of the advice received from SKYPE:-
“Please, make sure your firewall/router is not blocking Skype in any way. Try opening UDP traffic both ways to both ports found in Skype’s top menu: Tools > Options > “Connection” window; tick the option to use the ports 80 & 443”

Looking on other forums it seems that SKPE requires a very large number of open ports for best quality. Is this so and is it safe?

I have unchecked the “use port 80,443 as alternative” and “let Skype change the settings in the firewall” in Skype settings.
I have set a port myself in there like 45500.
That port needs to be opened in network monitor in CFP.
The same rule should be applied in application monitor for IN and a rule for TCP/UDP Out to Any, Any
If you need help with the rules, just let me know.