specific java apps conn control?

i have allowed java(s/)w in application monitor to do whatever it wants but i’d rather decide it per application, any idea if it’s possible?

(also i keep getting lagged out of kgs, anybody else having this problem? - not the fault of comodo, of course ^_^*)


first of all set alert level to high in advanced. if show java dll subbutton, make it ask.

but theres a little complication imho: situation components monitor have no ASK function/ its hidden.

try this:

  1. set components monitor to just ON.
    IE should ask for a java dll which you allow/ ask in the popup sub-button.

  2. if that doesnt work delete the java dlls, set back to learnmode or ON mode
    and look for subbutton to allow dll

also erase java as application and or add it l8er on (thats the console differ from plugins)

really depends your needs and possibilities.


As far as browsing the Web is concerned, use Firefox and then install this plugin: QuickJava
You can turn Java/Javascript on and off on the fly.


is there something for flash also?


Install Squsi. In addition to blocking Flash ads, it also blocks those irritating Intellitext ads which are those double underlined words on webpages that display a popup when you hover your mouse over them.
You can also create your own whitelist for those Flash banners that you do want to allow. Here’s a pix of the menu accessible from the systray.

You can also disable the Flash ActiveX control for IE by running this command (copy/paste it into the Run field):

  • regsvr32.exe /u %windir%\system32\Macromed\Flash\flash.ocx

You can undo it anytime by removing the “/u” flag and then running the same command again.

For ordinary banner ads, I use Adblock Plus in Firefox.

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didnt want hive this top,

but tnx.

most undercure flash which is total remote of pc.