Special sandbox for browser- Freezebox

I would like to have a special sandbox for my browser.
I am unable to run comfortably my browser in the sandbox that already in CIS(or inside other sandboxes).While launching my browser in your sandbox, I am asking to install again half of my addons. Moreover, some of them are not working at all inside the sandbox.
I am using a portable version of Firefox with a lot of addons…
You can call it Freezebox or Icebox. It doesn’t matter.

The matter is the functionality and usability along with security.
-The new sandbox should able to “freeze” all browser settings, addons, browser profile , etc.

  • “Freeze” status will be able to remain after restart of the browser itself.
  • “Freeze” status will be deleted with all new settings after a system restart only.(
    This will solve problems of trying new add-ons.Their installation requires restart of

the browser.)
-By the default browser will start in this" freeze" sandbox.
-In order to launch a browser in normal mode,user will insert a security password.
-In the sandbox settings user will be able to choose which setting, he will like to

remain “unfreeze”( for example: download history, bookmarks, etc.
-While a browser will be lunched inside this sandbox- user will be able to choose the color and brightness surround of the main browser window.
There are people do like it and don’t . Personally, I like it, because I always
be able to know in what status my browser is running.
Alternatively, is to make an addon, (or to cooperate with author of existed addon) that will

show the running status of the browser.For ex. addon Isadmin is showing under

what status your browser is running. ( http://isadmin.mozdev.org/ )

-This sandbox will be able to work under limited user account on Windows XP
-At least popular browsers will be supported( IE, Firefox(both portable and

regular),Opera, chrome, safari)
-While running browser in this sandbox- no code, script, add-on will be able to bring

any damage to the system.

As we can see,main advantages to the users:
-to be able to try different add-ons without damage browser settings or system
-To able to roll back all browser changes. Perhaps the new
update of the browser or/and addon don’t feet user needs, or it will bring to users some serious bug.

I think, this new “freeze” sandbox will be good choice for any user that want usability and security.

Hi drongo ,

I voted “NO” for the development because:

1) there are decent free sandboxing/visualization solutions already that you can use.
So simply disable this sandbox, since it’s neither of the above and basically as it was called by one of the users here - is “some kind of application limiter”… leaking badly
2) the standalone real Sandbox implementation was discussed many times way before
the integrated one came in
3) As far as I understand according to numerous discussions - that development of the standalone sandbox instead will never happen, (and actually as pointed in #1 not needed), and the developers will rathrer somehow patch this existing “sandbox” on “by Application” basis, meaning one-by-one as soon as the user would report the failure


Thanks for answer.Could you please advice some free sandbox that suite my needs? I don’t need a regular virtualization sandbox, because any virtualization sanbox is asking me every time to install a half of my add-ons, I don’t want to do it. I just want to" freeze" my browser as it now and add the ability to try some new add-ons without damaging my “freeze” profile. O0

Thanks for the reply, drongo

Well you did not provide any info about the system that you are using,
… but in any case considering that you should definitely disable Comodos’ sandbox, which is not a sandbox at all
You can to use Sandboxie :-TU * 3 = :-TU :-TU :-TU
or, for example Returnil

Why the the specifications of the system are important?

If you are using 32bit system, say XP 32bit - Sandboxie will provide practically 99.999 % of security
If that is x64 platform … hmmm… 88) as it was declared by the developer at least 10-15% of “real malware” will escape for sure …
Nothing you can do since MS Patch Guard introduction (please read Sandboxie forum)
but still that is a thoroughly tested and decent sandboxing

In addition to troubles you are having currently , any serious malware can escape easily from Comodo’s sandbox, since it is not the one - just a very weak “limiter” for “unknown” applications


Now I am using windows XP Pro, sP3 (32 bit)
Limited user by default. O0
I have already tried sandboxIe- it doesn’t provide what I need.While running my browser inside it- i am asked for installation my addons again. I don’t want to do that every time.

well . I’ m absolutely sure you did not explore it enough and didn’t apply available settings
but a soon as you do - you’ll get a real thing & protection compare to what Comodo is offering.

That is your choice, but as the initial request stated - “the development of another (proper) Sandbox” most likely will never happen
In addition please read related threads , where from the very beginning users were saying that Comodo have to reconsider / go back & redevelop, having Sandboxie (or alike) as a template if they wanna create something decent & workable

Anyway there are real working solutions out there & my answer (vote) staying as a strong NO