Special rule question: allow replace .exe without updating the hash?

Since I am always running in paranoid mode (in the following .exe also stands for .com, .bat etc):
A trusted app modifies a (known by comodo).exe file, the hash for the .exe file gets updated. That is fine.
A limited application is not allowed to modify or create .exe files. That is fine too.

I miss a in between rule:
Allow modifying the (known by comodo).exe files, but do NOT update the stored hash, I would call it “limited trust”.
If a new .exe file is created, treat is as unknown.
In both cases ask at the start of the replaced .exe whether to accept the replaced .exe (and update the hash and apply the already set rules) or whether to treat is as unknown and new application and ask the typical stuff.

Targets for limited trust: filemanagers, explorer.exe, game-updates and patches, nearly all programs which are not windows updates, not windows service packs, or not an anti virus program.

As far as I can see I am unable to create a ruleset which reflects my limited trust wish (Kerio, now sunbelt, behaves that way by default, but that software got some other problems why I switched to comodo).


hey friend, just a little advice, slide ur d+ slider to safe mode or training mode ,otherwise

what i fear very soon you wil get bsod



After all, that was a normal behaviour in v. 2.7
I asked here https://forums.comodo.com/help_for_v3/if_the_program_hash_changes_no_alert_is_generated-t22333.0.html;msg155932#msg155932 and they told me that in v. 3.0 it doesn’t happen.

So I agree with you in your request :-TU