Special Block for outgoing

Okay so I want to do a special setting for my firewall in comodo and dont really know how I should go along the lines of doing it.

So basically on my computer, I have 2 LAN cards, that are bridged. 1 Goes directly to my modem, and he 2nd one goes to my Xbox 360 Gaming console, that I use on Xbox Live for online gaming.

What I want to do is properly configure it so that when I sign onto my game(Gears of war 2) for live gaming, and search for a game to join, it will make it so I cannot join anyone elses host, but it will allow others to join with me being the host with no problem.

I have the IP ranges for the Xbox Live gaming servers and the actual servers for my specific game. I don’t know if those will play a role in this or not.

I tried messing around with the global settings on Comodo firewall and making it so on my Local Area Network 2, it would block outgoing of those IP Ranges, and i set the same range for the source & destination. (I didnt know how it worked)

Thank You so much and hopefully we can get this working! :slight_smile: