Special 50% discount for our Forum Members only! offer closes on 14th Aug

Just because we love you guys so much, if you want to buy our product you can get 50% discount because you help us a lot by taking part in our forums! Thank you!

Here are URL’s with 50 % discounted prices:

            [url=https://secure.comodo.com/home/purchase.php?pid=8&promocode=m9yNqXX1z6qjgQNKCARhBrZY]Comodo Internet Security Complete 2011 50% off![/url]

            [url=https://secure.comodo.com/home/purchase.php?pid=9&promocode=7LNzfqZP5ob0YXZX7huO3yNv]Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 50% off![/url]
            [url=https://secure.comodo.com/home/purchase.php?pid=17&promocode=KxooD6LNsSyQK5wefO9L2VfT] GeekBuddy 2011 50% off![/url]


nice of you. do you mind if I past this on another forum?

Don’t know what Melih will say, but I thought the title was plain.

“…for our Forum Members only!”

You read the title.

I believe it is meant as a Thank you, not a drive to get more forum members.
So what would be the point of spreading it around.


we would like to keep it for our users only. This is a way to say thank you rather than make money tbh…

I forgot that part, sorry. I haven’t spread it so no worries

Hey, Is anybody else getting this error:

Invalid user params

when trying to purchase CIS Complete with the 50% discount?
I tried to the web form using multiple browsers, user names, email addresses, passwords, etc.
and still get the same error.

I tried to work with Comodo support via chat and they seemed to think it was an error on my part, but I
am pretty sure that there is an error on the web form.

Discount over.
Topic can be locked.