Spanish Language for CIS

Please add Spanish to the available languages, I wonder why isn’t Spanish added to CIS, if it’s a widely spoken language in the World and less popular languages were added. I have also seen a thread suggesting this and many volunteers for the task, I would also, but not comment from COMODO, you have something against Spanish language or Spanish spoken people?



it’s the comodo community that needs to translate the files. Because the spanish people are not ready apparently, or not there at all, well, there is no translation.

If you want to, you can always translate it.


I’m surprised there isn’t Spanish translation as well… I saw activity on it a few months back. Ah… it’s still in the works here… I think the variations in Spanish are proving troublesome.

PS There’s been an unofficial Spanish language pack to download for some time it seems, I see people running CIS 3.12 [] with it. But, I’m not sure why it’s not been finalised (I’m relying on a translator :)).

Thanks for the directions, sorry if I offended someone, I’ve just posted my offer as a translator for the Spanish version, sorry again, sometimes I’m in a very bad mood.


No problem, glad that helped and thanks for your offer of helping in the translation. Your English was very good and I don’t think you were offensive at all. In fact, it was so good I was slightly tempted to ask why you felt you needed a Spanish version. :slight_smile:

:smiley: thanks, is a flattering reward to read that and indicates me that having worked hard to learn it has finally paid off :slight_smile: I’m taking my CELFIC “A” exams now and with this finishing my English Course (Cambridge’s), but I’m going for the DELFIC level and this will prepare me for the Cambridge FCE (First certificate in English) which is my goal :). BTW, I’m from Bolivia, South America.


While reading about the spanish translation being worked on, I remembered this blog article (sorry for off-topic and off-english):
where is says under 2) “[in commercial relations] something is always late and it’s always someone else’s fault” :stuck_out_tongue: