Can C.I.S Detect and remove Spambots? The reason I’m asking is because I receieved a email with my own address on it and it was spam. Just curious.

It is not uncommon to get mails with your name as sender (I assume that is what you mean). It is usually not a sign of being infected. Your mail address has been picked up somewhere, may be your email address is shown on a forum, and used.

I have seen quite some spam mails with my email address as sender recently. It seems to be the latest trend.

Thanks and that is what I meant. I scanned with C.I.S but nothing came up. Is it possible for someone to have the same email address as me?

I think the spam senders put your address on the emails to you as it is less likely to be blocked by spam filters. It will not be a real address.

No not the same email address.
You can have different accounts Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. starting with the same name.

I had two of these(real address) in one day.
When I get another I will post Message Source to show.