"Spam" Why? [Resolved]

why do people come to forums and try to spam, and they know they will either get banned or get their post’s deleted?

whats the earning of doing so?

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  1. they think we mods are lazy :slight_smile:
  2. that we are stupid ?
  3. that they’re so sneaking that we can’t find them
  4. and so on…


And they don’t know that two aliens (ganda and yours truly) are waiting to greet them… >:-D >:-D >:-D >:-D >:-D >:-D

Sometimes, I’m really wondering how old you are … :slight_smile:


Ah…the matter of an alien’s age. :THNK

(BTW, are there any 5-year-old mods here? ;D)

Ragwing why ?


Ah then there is a chance. :a0

BTW Jacob, lots of people including me and ganda spam here. Only in a different way.

That aint spam, it’s junk


For me, junk=spam and spam=junk. And ganda=junk=spam, and jeremy=wise,loving,caring,fair,. :a0

I’m gonna lock this topic as it has no use anymore, I think the question has been answered and that it was actually a retorical question

so please pm a moderator etc etc, you know the trick :slight_smile: