Spam storm - delays may be experienced

Hi all,

Just to let you know that for the last few minutes we have been absorbing a ton of spam. This may slow down delivery of emails to you but please do not be concerned, no emails will be lost just placed in the delivery queue and delivered to you as quickly as your mail servers can accept the messages.

Kind regards,


Well that was fun…all over in after about 50 minutes. Haven’t seen a sustained campaign like that for a while.

Do you think it was a deliberate campaign against COMODO, or just a random one? (just curious) :azn:


It was random, seems to have been fairly global too. Also aware that one of our competitors went down under the weight of mail and another that simply couldn’t cope so the just opened the gates & allowed everything through.


Share names! >:-D

It is nice to know that COMODO ASG is doing great, even in those moments were others can hold it. :slight_smile: