Spam...One month and 5 days a new record.

Pink Floyd had a song It went something like this “Is there anybody out there” I have generated tickets and have been told that it will be turned over to the “Tech guys” either they don’t know how to write anything except code or they are ignoring the problem; maybe they are just stumped. Still having some email spam getting through to my email program (ThunderBird version (20070728)) When this started it was version I don’t even know if I should bother. It would be nice to at least know if they don’t know why.

Let me see if I can get a response for you.


you know, you are right… antispam has not been getting much attention from our dev teams lately. I asked them to start increasing the number of people in that dept to help…

thank you and sorry for the inconvinence.


Well while we are on the subject, … Thunderbird version (20070728) and the last version. Have had a come and go problem, Sometimes you can’t get your mail unless you go to the spammer first. this has happened quite often with My computers Leveno laptop 2ghz with 1ghz memory, Intel chip. Updated on xp, and all Comodo, stuff firewall,backup,virus,Kevins BoClean Also on my AMD1.8ghz,with 2 gig mem, also my wifes Laptop same as above. Feel free to pass it on.