SPAM on Comodo forum [Resolved]

Hi great forum staff ::slight_smile: ;D
I recieved spam messages (PM) on Comodo forum :-
I got four messages from the member Dean Kelly.
Is it possible to ban this guy? (Dean Kelly)

EDIT: I didnt read the previous post (the post should have a better name) Sorry.

Same here.

Hi guys,

“Dean Kelly” is old news and has already been taken cafe of :wink:

Thanks justin.

Thanks Justin, I just noticed this also when I signed in. Good to hear its taken care of.



I received some digusting spam from him too! I’m glad this problem has been resolved.


I too had 4 adult messages yesterday. I hope the "problem " has been resolved.

I too had 4 adult messages yesterday. I hope the "problem " has been resolved.

Such messages, private or public, sure doesn’t help in “creating trust online.” ;-0



Yes, this problem has now been resolved and a number of steps have been taken including more moderators and making it so you can only post or send a PM once every 90 seconds.


Please know that Comodo is doing everything they can to help prevent this problem in the future, all forums recieve spam and there is nothing we can do about it except delete the spam. Almost every forum will be subject to spam sooner or later.

As to prove this you can see HERE that Comodo is already making some more changes to the board.

Of course it doesn’t!

What does though, is understanding that these problems exist and do something about and do it quickly! Unfortunately 100% security does not exist! Its a game of being on guard and reacting quickly while trying to prevent it at the same time!

I do apologise for this incident and we are doing everything possible to mitigate this risk happening again in future!

thank you for your understanding


Thank you justin1278; thank you Melih.

I can easily appreciate that, no matter even how good the coding on server or end-user side, there is always the people factor and we know that not all are honourable (if all were, it would be quite the world).

Yet still, due to your vigilance and diligence a speedy resolution has been effected. Thank you.


Thank you Laurence,

Those words really mean a lot to me. On behalf of Comodo thank you for your continued support.

That goes for the forums but received this stuff in private messages. Are you monitoring private messages as well? If not is there any way to opt out of receiving private messages?

I’d rather have the moderators and admins NOT monitor my private massages. After all, isn’t private messages suppose to be private? As for the disgusting pictures from our ‘friend’ :slight_smile: Kelly, I’d rather take care of them myself than having moderators or admin deleting them for me. Not that I like those pics but I think privacy is an issue here, isn’t it? :wink:

Yours truly,

I really don’t want to even see stuff like that not to mention the possibility of someone looking over my shoulder who certainly should not be exposed to this filth. As an aside, most webmail providers (hotmail etc) automatically filter porn, spam, etc to protect their subscribers, so that it does not even get to the inbox. Would you object to that also?At the end of the day nothing on the internet is really private.

Yeah, I agree that there should be some filtering system, considering spams and porns are proliferating like wild fire. I also agree that it would be embarassing if someone were looking over our shoulder when we open these stuff. But I don’t agree if the moderators start deleting my messages without me consenting first.

My point is that it is alright (not just alright but great) if there are filters that flag down those unwanted stuff. Those filters should only identify and seperate those filth from the legitimate messages (presumably into another folder). But it would not be alright to me if it deleted those without my consent. If you noticed, no webmail providers delete our messages for us. And also, those monitoring are done by filter consisting of algorithims. Personally, I wouldn’t be very happy if someone is reading my mails.

Yours truly,

Here is the situation in my house: I use Outlook Express to acces an ISP provided mail server. Nothing is filtered so I have to do all the filtering myself. The result is that 3/4 of the mail is spam.

Each of my kids has a webmail acct which they access using Outlook Express. The result is 0 spam because the webmail ensures that spam doesn’t reach the inbox (the only folder checked by OE). In this way they are not exposed at all to spam, porn etc. Without this protection I am not sure I would even allow them to have their own mail accounts.

Some content propogated over the internet (both web sites and e-mail) is so bad that only tolerable exposure is 0 exposure. Think what your response would be if your wife, kid or grandchildren were exposed to the likes of dean kelley and worse, or even to milder stuff such as ads for viaqra and erotic merchandise that permeates every corner of the internet and e-mail today. I think I am willing to sacrifice a certain portion of my privacy (which isn’t really private anyway) to avoid the dangers of inappropriate content.