Spam emails from Comodo

Hi despite unsubscribing numerous times over the last few weeks…I still keep getting spam emails.
I already know how great Comodo products are…I use lots of them…but I don’t need spam emails telling me about the products.
Any suggestions welcome

Hi nalacknick.

It takes 5 days to get of the server, please wait 5 days and you should not get any more promotion emails. Unsubscribe once, wait 5 days and you should be all good.


I’ve just unsubscribe myself to ensure this process is working correctly. It said it would take 5 days as Josh said.

Well, I got another ad email from Comodo, but at least this time it had a nice little story to go along with it. :slight_smile:

Likewise…and as I said in my first post I have been unsubscribing for the last 3-4 weeks…and it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.

As I said I’m testing this now. After 5 days you need to post again if you receive any more Comodo marketing stuff, then I need to check to see if I got is as well. I got the last one (with the customer stories) at 22 Dec 2008 22:33:11 GMT and I unsubscribed at approximately, 23 Dec 2008 12:08 GMT. Comodo do not know what the email address is that I used either.

hmm… weird…

first of all sorry about that.

pls PM me your email address that receives these emails so that i can make sure it gets stopped manually…

very strange… i will get it checked out asap.

thank you


Thank you for your help Melih, I have sent you my email via PM.

Merry Christmas

Hi Nick
thanks got it and passed it to our guys. i will confirm shortly


Just got back off my holidays and I’m pleased to say no more emails from Comodo (as I said previously I already know :comodorocks: so I don’t need the emails)
Thanks Melih/Comodo team
A belated Happy 2009 to you ;D