SP3 ?s Are these services supposed to be connecting outbound

I just got SP3 up and running on my old drive. File DL of SP3 wouldn’t take even in the safe mode (M$ Tech suggestion), but the SP3 ISO worked like a charm, for some reason. … Anyway, I’ve never seen these before so are these 2 supposed to trying to connect out thru DNS 53. 1) GDIEXT Client DLL 2) M$ Enhanced Cryptographic Provider and is this supposed to be accessing the loopback –Remote Access AutoDial Helper? This last one makes me nervous because of the name, as I don’t want any ""remote access helpers and 2) I’m not on Dial-up. If I deny any of the 2 (1st 2 are grouped together) then FX won’t connect out. btw, using FX as a browser, XP SP3. Also JFMI, Is there anyway to “paragraph” in these Comodo forums… Will “align left do it” or [P]…just something that’s been bothering me about this forum…Thx

Outbound DNS to one of your ISP nameservers is usually safe, so long as it’s its just your ISP nameserver, and not some other server out on the Internet.

As to why these services would want Internet access? I have no idea, as I haven’t gotten my hands on a XP SP3 box yet. I don’t know what these services are. Remote Access stuff gets used for a lot of things, dialup among them. The terminology gets confusing sometimes.

As for paragraphing, I’ve found that typing one very long line, followed by , will produce a paragraph. Classic word processing stuff.

Thx for the reply. As far as this not post not relating to CPF, that I don’t understand. It’s a ? directly relating to allow/deny access thru the firewall. Also thx for the as the other forums that I visit use either a

or a “highlight the text and then the indent icon” in their top toolbar for a new paragraph. Just from what I’ve experienced with SP3, if you’ve got your FW & FW rules set to your liking with SP2, then I would continue to use it, until M$ makes you have SP3 to obtain any new windows security updates.

If you’ve got the CFP rules working under XP SP2, then it should be the same under SP3. To my knowledge there’s nothing new in SP3 that should cause CFP any difficulty.

Regarding those services, if things you’re expecting to work somehow don’t work when CFP blocks them, then I think it’s a good indication that those are real legit services. If you click the “allow access and remember” when the CFP alert comes up, you should be alright and the CFP rules get updated properly.

thx. I posted this on an XP board earlier this afternoon, but haven’t got a reply. Do these look legit? Is this Comodo Memory Firewall cmfdll32.dll? If so, does the CMF require loopback?

all of these have requested loopback access, FX as browser.
[b]1)Advanced Windows 32 Base API

2) clbcatq.dll l


4) User Experience Controls Library

5)Common Dialogs DLL

6) comres.Dll

7) GDI Client DLL

8.) Home Netowrking Configuration Manager

9)Windows XP IMM32 API Client DLL

10) Windows NT Base API Client DLL

11) Microsoft Text Frame Work Service IME

12) Windows NT CRT DL

13) M$ Windows Sockets 2.0 Service

14) NT Layer DLL 

15) M$ OLE for Windows

16) oleaut32.dll 

17)Remote Procedure Call Runtime 

18) Security Support Provider interface 

19) Windows Setup API 

20) Windows Shell Common Dll 

21)Shell Light-Weight Utility Library 

22)Windows XP User API Client DLL

23) Microsolft UxTheme Library

24) Version Checking and File Installation Library 

25) M$ UxTheme Library


27) Windows Spooler Driver

28)Windows Socket 2.0 32-Bit DLL

29) Windows Socket 2.0 Helper for Windows

30) Windows Sockets Helper DLL

31)Windows Socket 32-Bit DLL

32)DNS Client API DLL 

33) IP Helper API

34)MSCTF Server DLL 

35)Active IMM Server DLL

36) LDAP Rnr Provider DLL 

37) Service Pack 2 Messages</blockquote>[/b]

Sorry for the delay. It’s been a little crazy on the dayjob.

The names for things that have requested the loopback access seem reasonable at first glance. But then the loopback interface is used by processes on your machine to talk to other processes on your machine. Antivirus scanners are typical users of the loopback, but I don’t see any mention of such in your list.

Regarding CMF memory firewall… I don’t know. I don’t have any experience with the product, yet.