SP2 Issue [Resolved]

Not Sure if im posting this in the correct part of the forum But…

I’ve just put on a fresh install of Windows XP Home Service pack 1 On an older Dell computer. And when i try and update it to SP2 It will extract the SP2 files But it will not Install. I do not get any error messages either. Was wondering if anyone else had had this issue before and found a solution? Or if anyone knows how to help me fix this issue. Also I have let it install overnight (12-16 hours) And it didn’t install at all over that time.

Hmm, at this time I have no idea, but I wish to ask you: did you attempt to do an offline upgrade to SP2 from an archive you already had (locally), or did you use Windows Update to make it all automatically, online?


I’ve used windows update. Also tried to burn SP2 to a CD and update from it and hot no luck.

With Windows Update, is it via your automatic updates or via Internet Explorer? In either case, I understand you’ve received SP2, but it hasn’t been installed? So no error messages, but could there be any error log files somewhere in the Windows directory?

Also, “fresh install” as in no registry cleaners have been used?

I’ve encountered problems once, with updates via IE. They were all downloaded but only half of them was installed, the other ones refused to get installed. But I guess that doesn’t help you at all.


Well I got it to finally install. The Issue was There was another program something like fklc.exe taking up 100% of the CPU for some odd reason. So i terminated it and then SP2 installed perfectly Thanks for the help though Leo :smiley:

Great to hear you got SP2 installed :slight_smile:

I will mark this topic as resolved.