source IP pings 30+ ports ....what gives

my system is identical to wifes and hers is fine…I open 1 program and I go from 4 outbound connections to 30 + connections…after 5 min it comes back down. its as though the firewall is timing out when it pings and so it tries to rotate the ports…any ideas…please help me, I am lost.

Hi Steve,

Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing with those 30+ connections?
What application are you using?

What are you pinging, can you ping your gateway without problems ?
You can find your gateway address by opening a command box and typing

ipconfig /all [ENTER]

There is a line with Gateway:

Can you explain what “rotate the ports” is ?

As requested her is the screen shot …it is random between online programs…so far it appears that the ping is timed out and then tries another port …about 30-70 of them. and yes I can ping my gateway with no issue. It is a pain…also this is the free CIS ver. …I am disabled and little income…dont know if that has a bearing.

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Hi az_steve,

This traffic has become noticeable for 2 reasons.

The new browsers IE 8, FF 3.5 prefetch all the links on web pages to speed up browsing.
So svchost.exe makes a DNS request for every link on the page.

It is more noticeable too because CIS has of recent versions improved the Active Connections view if I remember correctly.
So even with prefetching disabled. Just looking at a busy page causes many connections,
in order to load the various page elements.


Edit : Thanks HeffeD (below) for spurring me to clarify, hopefully thorough now.

More the latter, because if you disable pre-fetching in FF 3.5, you still see hundreds of connections if you open several tabs.

Ok …so is there a way to correct this without hindering the system and its or comodo’s proformance ?

Correct it?

The browser is actually making all those connections, or you believe otherwise?
CIS isn’t showing the reality?.

On some busy web pages the connection list is phenominal in both IE and FF here
and I accept it as the new normal.
If you are looking for another app in the Active Connection window you can minimize the list
next to IE + - button.

I am curious about the difference between the 2 PC’s if they don’t behave similarly.

they behave the exact same since the update…hers had 2 local area networks in “My Network Zones” but since the update there is only 1 and the loop. = her IP, and what looked like a IP gateway

mine didnt have what looked like the IP gateway.