Source and Destination

I know I’ve mentioned this before (regarding CPF 2.x) but will source and destination be changed to something more clearer in CFP 3.x? (i.e local and remote). Could someone explain source and destination to me again ???.

When creating inbound rules, is the destination my computer and then with outbound rules, the remote computer? ???.


I thought you would get over with Kerio’s terms like I did 88).

Source depends on the direction of the connection: if it’s outgoing then it’s your IP, if it’s incoming then it’s the internet or whatever the other end’s IP is. (Now just switch it around as vice versa for Destination).

(I copied & pasted from my post in this thread:,7813.0.html).

So you’re right to your own question.

Right, I got it ;D. I got it last time but I easily forget (old age :-[ ). Still think Kerio’s (Sunbelt’s) way of doing it is alot easier though.

Thanks Soya.


It’s in the wishlist:,6883.msg54628.html#msg54628

Good :). I hope it gets actioned. I may even start a poll for this as this must be confusing for new users also. Thanks for the link.