Sound settings problem with Comodo firewall [Resolved]

Just installed the current version of Comodo firewall (without antispyware, defence etc add-ons).
HP laptop 6735s with WinXP pro freezes immediately when I open the sound settings from the lower right corner. The sound card is Sound max. The same thing happens if I try to adjust sound settings by using

The only thing to get out of the situation is to switch off the power.

Any ideas?? :-\ 88)

Welcome to the Forum, Benco.

This is usually due to an issue with the audio card (or chip) driver itself.
Please update your driver to the latest one available.


The driver is up-todate. I cannot believe in that, because immediately when you click the sound setting icon the whole system freezes. That happens also via control panel when trying to change the sound on or off.

Propably an HP problem. Just wondering if anybody else had the same experience?

Yes, this link. Updating the audio driver resolved the issue on these HP computers.
This link is an HP Lenovo thinkpad, updated sound drivers resolved it.

Please reverify you are using the latest audio drivers before rejecting the idea.

Fantastic !! ;D

Thanks John. That was it. I am really happy now ^^ ^^

I’ll mark this as resolved and lock it.
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