sound prob

we can hear sound through headphone but not through speaker directly. help plzz

Can you tell us a bit more about your system? We need to know your OS and information about chipset your audio uses.

Also try updating your sound cards drivers.

We require more information to help resolve your issue.
What OS/SP are you running? What security software and what version of each? What is running active and just installed?
What is your computer (i.e. HP Laptop)?
Please make absolutely sure your sound driver is the very latest from the manufacturer, as this may resolve your issue.

dell XPS MXC051
win xp sp3 with latest updates
cis and boclean

one more thing i want to know. as you guys have suggested to update driver for this prob. usually i update windows (automatic update), security software, productivity, utilities, the software i use. how important it is to update drivers. i mean when i browse device manager there are many things like display adapters, keyboards, monitors which when right click – properties – drivers – there are details, update drivers, etc. i have never ever manually updated the drivers. do they get updated automatically through windows updates? how important are these driver updates? is it necessary to update these drivers or one should only try to update these drivers when there is some prob related to that software.


What does Device Manager tell under Sound video and game controllers what audio solution is used?

We need to know because the maker of the chip or slot in card may have more recent drivers available than Microsoft or Dell.

under sound, video and game
audio codecs
legacy audio drivers
legacy video capture devices
media control devices
sigma tel high definition audio codecs
video codecs

when clicked on driver update it didn’t updated anything. jus a wizard appeared, found the related driver, then i selected the driver aand clicked next and the wizard showed process completed. this was 2 days before. but today i was surprised coz when i started the pc today i found out that sound is coming from speaker. the problem got solved automatically or magically. but the point is the problem is solved now and i m happy. thanxx guyz for trying to help me.


again today the sound from the speaker (inbuilt speaker) is not coming but the sound is coming from the headphone. what can be the prob??

Have you ever try to hear the sound from integrated speakers without connecting headphones?
-if you connect the headphones, intergrated speakers are muted automatically.

Have you ever tried to press Fn+End key?
-this key makes you Turn on/off intergrated speakers.

yes i have done all this. any solution plzz??

May be the maker of your computer (HP, Dell, Acer, etc…) may have more up to date drivers than Windows Update (the latter is usually months behind) . Go to the website and see if their drivers are newer than the one you are using.

To see what driver version you are using select the sigma tel high definition audio codecs in Device Manager and click right → Properties → Driver. Now you will see the driver version number.

i checked and the version is correct

i think the sound prob is due to CIS. coz i had CIS 3.8 released version installed and sound through headphone was working but sound through speaker was not working (as i have said in my previous posts). then i unstalled CIS and installed pctools firewall plus, avast home and threatfire and sound through both headphone and speaker was working fine. but now as CIS 3.9 released, i uninstalled pctools firewall, avast and threatfire and installed CIS 3.9 and again the same prob, sound through headphone is working but sound through speaker is not working. so i think CIS is creating this prob. what should i do???


I am experiencing the same problem with my audio. Sound plays through the speakers, but volume is controlled through the headphone settings. Noticed it since updating from Firewall Pro to CIS just recently.

Am running Vista Home Premium on an Acer Aspire 5100 laptop with the most recent RealTek HD Audio drivers updated within the past 72 hours.

Thanks for your help!

Shogun. Do you have a p2p program running in the background or are you running streams from the web for hours?


Thanks for the response. No I have no P2P programs and am not running streaming audio or video from the web on any extended basis.

Where did you download the audio drivers? You will find the latest at the Realtek website. When you download from an OEM website (Dell, Packard Bell, Acer,etc) you usually get older versions.

Originally downloaded the update through DriverMax. Am downloading the newest drivers now from the Realtek site now. Will update you later after having updated the driver again.

Keep us posted.

Eric, you were right. The correct updated drivers were the answer to the problem. I appreciate your input.