Sound issue with AudioDG and HIPS after v10 upgrade

Using Win7x64 I updated with the last update, of course I had the lost trusted vendors causing the installation to stall and fail. After correcting the issues with a thorough cleanup and installation the application itself seem to be working normally and has received the hot-fix fine with exception of known issues. Normal features and functions are working as expected.

I have to spend more time testing this because there are some other impacting factors beside just a CIS update.

  1. I did update my ATI HD Audio driver recently, maybe a week before updating Comodo but had not noticed any problems before the latter.
  2. I have also upgraded Malwarebytes from version 2 to version 3 in the last week and I also activated the Trial feature for testing.

Since around the time of clean installing CIS I have been noticing Audio problems on my system manifesting in four ways.

  1. On some webpages there is no sounds on videos but this is corrected by reloading the page, happen anywhere, Youtube, Facebook etc. Happens at random and enough to cause a nuisance. I have only noticed it happening on HDMI audio output so far but I have not been using my headphones lately either.

  2. When I moved the volume slider there can be a long delay before the bing is heard indicating the new volume, sometimes up to a second, this used to be instant and my computer is a reasonable specification . When I enable and disable HIPS there is a noticeable difference. When disabled the indication is much quicker and with HIPS enabled there is added latency of maybe 400-500ms.

  3. If I leave my computer idle for a few minuets or wake it up from sleep and attempt to change the volume anytime there after, there’s a massive delay. Either the bing will not sound for up to 10 or more seconds or the mixer locks up my computer and I am unable to interact with the sliders and the taskbar will then show a window with no title which will disappear after some time. The computer is not busy doing anything at this time and is not under load from anything else.

  4. Checking the processes during the problem shows AudioDG.exe running which normal is not in my tasklist under normal circumstances. Having looked it up on the internet I see it mentioned that - “audiodg.exe” is a part of Windows Vista/7/8/10. System services like audio drivers run in different and isolated login session from the locally logged-in user in Windows Vista/7/8/10. This ensures that content and plug-ins cannot be modified by other applications (e.g. by spyware)." … and I also see other stuff about DRM and it basically prevents the normal stuff people would do to processes, like injecting code into them, reading the process memory, debugging them, from other user-mode processes.

Basically I am curious if CIS protections are interfering, if anybody else experienced the issue and is there any setting that can be modified or added to CIS.

PS. I did disable the malwarebytes protections and the issue still happened. Also I noticed that if sound is already playing in a video or whatever there is no delay in the audio form the volume mixer movement.

Thanks for Help

How about system up-time? Is it restarted frequently or not?

Still there after restarts. I just don’t have time to be doing a lot of uninstalling and reinstall right now and just wanted to know if anyone also noticed issues.

When I said “anytime there after” I meant initial time taken until adjusted and after this 10 second delay it will then go back being delayed as previously.

Not a known issue.

I had a similar issue (for very long time) but it was caused by sound drivers and it’s gone after (many) updates.
Try excluding All Applications in Advanced Protection > Miscellaneous > Detect shellcode injection. Restart system, check issue (again).

Note: for another similar issue, see bug 2129.