Sound from videos not working in IE9 or Firefox 10.0.1 - HELP please!

Hi to all Comodo gurus,

I have used “Computer Security Policy” - “Always Sandbox” to successfully sandbox IE9 and Firefox 10.0.1, and Opera 11.61 browsers.

I would have thought that this wouldn’t present any problem to such a useful part of the Comodo defence armour. However, it does, and with that in mind I have several important questions:

  1. Why do all three browsers run noticably slower within the Comodo Sandbox environment?
  2. Why does the sound not work when playing videos via Flash in IE9 and Firefox?
  • I note in a link via "Sandbox FAQ - CIS 5 " and a post therein by mouse1 on September 27th 2010 titled “Sound from videos not working in IE9 [v5]” that mouse1 states “This is a known issue, and we apologise for the inconvenience. Unfortunately there is no known workaround at present apart from using the browser unsandboxed.”. That post is nearly 17 months old now. Clearly this has been recognised as an issue for a very long time, and throughout many updates. To ‘un-sandbox’ each browser is really not the right way to deal with this issue.
  1. Has Comodo now dealt with this and resolved the same?
  2. If yes, how this issue be fixed?
  3. If no, any idea as to an ETA of a fix?

Curiously, the sound problem does not appear to be present when I run Opera 11.61 in the Comodo Sandbox environment…all appears to be fine.

  1. Anyone know if the same issue exists within “Sandboxie”? If it doesn’t, then gotta be a clue to the cause there somewhere!



Video sound in virtualised browsers is a known issue. We hope for a fix with CIS 6.0 which we understand will make much greater use of virtualisation.

Regarding speed, I have not experienced this myself, though there must be some overhead to redirection I suppose.

Best wishes