Sound Alerts When a Detection Or Attack Occurs !!!

Hello ! I’m wondering if is possible to add some sound alerts when a virus is detected or an attack of any kind.
Also these sounds should be different, unique for every category like Firewall, D+, Antivirus. I find this to be important because in some situation is necesary that the user should be alerted to take immediate action like say in case of an attack or even when a virus is detected cause some viruses could really do some damage and there are viruses that cannot be contained quickly or blocked from spreading, especially new viruses, trojans or spyware.
And also sound alerting is important because I’ve noticed that when running a game the pop-ups do not always pop on screen to alert the user when a detection of any kind occurs as not all games could be minimized to taskbar.

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This is more of a GUI wish.

But :-TU :-TU :-TU hope version 4 will have this


:-TU Optional.



Firewall Sound: [ Audio Alert ]

DEFENSE+ Bouncer Sound: [ Audio Alert ]

Antivirus Sound: [ Audio Alert ]

The Firewall Audio Alert could also display a ‘Balloon Message’ (if ‘Balloon Messages’ are Enabled) to show exactly which Rule was Fired. Though I think the ‘Balloon Messages’ should appear on the right, behind the ‘Start Menu’ if its open.

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    I like a program that’s have a sound or animation.
    Strongly agree. :-TU


From Russian part of forum I received many votes for SOUND addon about CIS events.
Almost all of them want to have OPTIONAL (checkbox) ability to turn ON/OFF Sound alerts, when CIS asks user for some decision.
Of course, it would be greate to have different sounds for different parts (AV, D+, Fw) and dangerous (Ask, Detection, etc) of events.
We didn’t receive this in CIS 4.x and 5.x (still), but we want to have it in 6+ versions :wink:

Thank you.


Also, there is another one improvement of that idea:
Window with alert will popup as usual
After that activating timer for example on 60 seconds
If user press some choise-button, then no sound.
If user does not press any button, radio-button or something on Alert Window, then
after 60 seconds he will receive sound alert.

In this case there will not be annoing sounds if user see Alert Window, but will notice with sound if user away from computer.
Sometimes users launch fullscreen programs, but Alert Window does not steal focus. User see blank screen, or something else and doesn’t know that CIS is waiting for decision.
Such “sound alert with delay” may be useful.


So, is there any way to show this ideas to developers? ???