SoulRock® ScriptSyntax

Hello everyone.

ScriptSyntax is not a virus. It maybe considered a virus as it runs automatically in your system and creates another ScriptSyntax.txt everytime you delete it, but it’s not harmful to your system.

ScriptSyntax is a virus killer that does the following:

1.) Enables your system’s RegEdit (registry editor).
=A counter attack for virus(es) w/c may have disabled your system’s registry editor.
2.) Deletes autorun(s) from your hard drives (including external drives).
=A counter attack for virus(es) w/c may have created autorun(s) on your hard drives
that triggers their virus when you double click your drive.

How ScriptSyntax started?
ScriptSyntax was written on October 3, 2007 for the purpose of removing the TTMS virus. The TTMS virus was bloody active that time and it infected my girlfriend’s laptop. The virus was annoying so i decided to re-engineer its code to work against it and named the re-engineered output as ScriptSyntax.

Email me to get a quick solution to remove ScriptSyntax from your system without the use of any antivirus.

Your Friend,
SoulRock® ScriptSyntax

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