sorting issue

i’ve got a two quick questions:
is there something wrong with my computer, or is it not possible to sort the ‘computer security policy’ items by name or treatment? (second image)

i’ve tried clicking both with no success. turns black, but nothing changes.

it’d be a great addition if it wasn’t implemented already.

lastly (as shown in the first image), is there a reason these actions are being blocked?
i’m not sure what is resulting from the blockage (or how i can remove it if i need to).

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What you see being blocked is NETBIOS traffic. NETBIOS protocol is made to share files and folder on a local network.

Tell us a bit more about your network set up. What type of connection are you on? Cable, ADSL, etc? Is there a router present?

This has been requested countless times (myself as well, at least in spirit O0).

good to hear. :slight_smile:

sorry for not replying sooner. now i’ve got 1112 blocked and i think i should sort this out.
i’m using a wireless network connection.
and yes, there’s a router.

The forums are patient. I always check if there are unread posts to topics I replied in.

You can disable NETBIOS when you don’t need it. Read about it here: .

thanks. i disabled it.
i’d used windows worms doors cleaner before (chose to disable netbios that way) but apparently it didn’t work as planned.

what network security policy settings should i use? (is this maybe causing the issue?)
right now mine are (in order):

  • allow IP out from IP any to IP where protocol is any
  • allow ICMP in from any IP any to IP any where ICMP message is fragmentation needed
  • allow ICMP in from any IP any to IP any where ICMP message is time exceeded
  • block and log IP in from IP any to IP where protocol is any

You are using the standard Global Rules of the Internet Security configuration. They are fine. The issue you seeing is the fact that the firewall is doing its job. There will always be things logged. Sometimes a lot depending on your network set up and rules.

To be stealth without getting notification, but will produce log entries, run the Stealth Ports Wizard and choose the option "Block all incoming connections and make my ports stealth for everyone else.