sorting columns, and non-functional icons

when I’m in Activity Logs there is no way to sort the columns. Clicking on the top does nothing. I click on “Severity” and it doesn’t sort them. I click on “Reporter” and nothing happens. There should be a way to click and drag to move the columns, and to sort data from high to low, like in the Windows Explorer.

and what is that “custom” icon on the top right hand side that does nothing when you click on it?

Sorting must not be implemented yet. It would be convenient, though. As for the custom thing, I’ll have to check that out later.

Is the custom not mean you have custom settings? It’s there if you click summary, security and activity.

You’re right, JJ. It’s just a status indicator of your current security level setting. Although I agree that this is redundant or could be better. One thing’s for sure: v3 will have improved GUI.

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Looks like it to me. If you change the Security Level (Summary page), the “Custom” will change to either “Allow All” or “Block All.”

However, it is not some sort of clickable link; it’s just part of the GUI, so that the user is notified of their current Security Level.

Hope that helps,