Sorted displaying of policies by header clicking

I would like, if CIS, as many other opps,

allows to click on column header

to visually sort the displayed policy list.

i.e: by easy clicking dort by app path, or by used policy.


A similar request was made in a previous post in the CFP forum also:

“organizing the list of security policies in both firewall and D+ is irksome. It would be nice to simply click on the security policy heading so you can organize the list based on program name or by ‘treat as’ criteria…”

“Allow better ability to organize security policy list — e.g. group related events simply by dragging and dropping (which would also be an easier way to define a file group). Have the option to list the policies in order of when they were added, alphabetical order…[etc]. Organizing the list makes it much easier to identify a policy that may have mistakenly been allowed.”